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Coming back from a slumber

Posted in News, Skepsos by skepsos on January 26, 2017

In these times, of ‘alternative facts’, we must stand up and spread the truth as much as possible. So I decided to revive this blog. This site used to be just a way for me to gather my own personal thoughts and pull out some atheist jokes, but the stakes are higher now. With a United States president that is prohibiting scientists from their work, my first action will be to inform:

Government accounts that are on gag order went rogue. They are now posting their factual, scientific tweets under new, non government controlled names, promising to tweet real facts and climate change news. Follow them on Twitter:

Alternative NIH – @Alt_NIH
Alt HHS – @AltHHS
Alternative CDC – @Alt_CDC
AltUSForestService – @AltForestServ
AltFDA – @alt_fda
altEPA – @altUSEPA
AltUSDA – @altusda
AltUSNatParkService – @AltNatParkSer
Rogue NASA – @RogueNASA

The movement on Twitter first began when the National Park Service was forced to shut down its Twitter activity temporarily after retweeting two tweets — one about the attendance of Trump’s inauguration and the other about the disappearance of some pages on This week, the Trump administration instituted a temporary media blackout at the EPA. Also, the Badlands National Park in South Dakota tweeted out multiple facts about climate change. These tweets were later deleted.

It’s hard to keep up with the pace of accounts sprouting up on Twitter, but as of writing there are now unofficial accounts for the Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Agriculture.


The importance of being effective

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on August 18, 2010

Who could ever believe in a deity who created all the huge things in the entire universe AND is also watching all the little things you’re doing in your bedroom?
Seems the deity doesn’t quite know how to set priorities here.

The atheist evolution

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on April 23, 2010

Atheism should be the next step in human evolution.
We can’t judge cave men (and women) for having invented religion. Consider these poor big brained creatures: they were naturally inclined to have investigative minds. They couldn’t help but wonder about the cause of everything surrounding them. I think it’s a type of questioning that is inevitable once a living organism becomes superconscious.
When you become aware of yourself and your surroundings you cannot help to ask where sunshine, rain and death comes from. The explanation will at first be: someone did this, a god.
Only if you investigate further, one can find: sunshine comes from a star, rain comes from the clowds and death is corrosion.
Now, since we are not cave men (or cave women or cave transgenders) anymore: isn’t it time we set aside our first hypotheses completely?

God is just plagiarizing

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 6, 2010

The earth is fantastic, let’s acknowledge that and give some credit to the universe. It’s all selfmade. God is just plagiarizing.


Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 6, 2010

The life of an earthworm is just as valuable as the life of a human. They are both the result of millions of years of evolution and they come from a very long line of chance survivors.
In fact you could say a rock is equally important as a human. Because we both came from the big bang. However: I tend to be nicer to living creatures than I am to most rocks.


Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 6, 2010

Altruism can be explained through science and evolution, but why do humans like other species so much?
I really love animals, they endear me more than humans, why is that?

Shaved monkeys

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 6, 2010

We think monkeys look cute but I wonder how they perceive us? Aren’t we ugly to them?
And don’t we look rediculously naked with gigantic hairless faces and silly little babyteeth?

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As is

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 5, 2010

Every day I find it unbelievable and miraculous I came into existance. Everything on this planet is quite the ‘miracle’ just as is.
I don’t need a god to see that. A god would actually degrade the value of this planet, because what’s so good about this earth if it’s just some devine creation and hasn’t done anything by itself?


Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 3, 2010

I am never bored. Everything is fascinating. I thank evolution for my lovely brain.

Body fascism

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 3, 2010

People say our genepool is becoming spoiled because humans that become ill don’t die through natural selection anymore.
I say: in this society we don’t need to have healthy bodies anymore, our brain is our most important asset.