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The atheist evolution

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on April 23, 2010

Atheism should be the next step in human evolution.
We can’t judge cave men (and women) for having invented religion. Consider these poor big brained creatures: they were naturally inclined to have investigative minds. They couldn’t help but wonder about the cause of everything surrounding them. I think it’s a type of questioning that is inevitable once a living organism becomes superconscious.
When you become aware of yourself and your surroundings you cannot help to ask where sunshine, rain and death comes from. The explanation will at first be: someone did this, a god.
Only if you investigate further, one can find: sunshine comes from a star, rain comes from the clowds and death is corrosion.
Now, since we are not cave men (or cave women or cave transgenders) anymore: isn’t it time we set aside our first hypotheses completely?


The foxhole delusion

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 24, 2010

My writing for today:

There are no sane people in foxholes.

This is a writing I based on the quote “there are no atheists in foxholes.” Theists use that one in order to ‘prove’ religion is some kind of justified default value and therefore ‘true.’
My point is: people who are about tot die in a foxhole do not necessarily have the best judgment…

Easy wrath?

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 4, 2010

If I am really such a pervert, why doesn’t god punish me NOW, instead of waiting for me to be dead and defenseless?

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The wonder of fossils

Posted in Skepsos by skepsos on March 2, 2010

When i was a geology student and dug up my very first fossil i realised that this little gracious shell had not seen sunlight for twohundredfifty million years and that i was the first living creature to set eyes on it since then, i was hit with the meaning of time, it hit me as something deeply wonderful, spiritual, poetic – sadly though none of my fellow students seemed to be in the same wonder and the majority of them was religious, but were aparantly less spiritual then me.